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Our commitment to tradition ensures that no two of our shoes are the same. We’ve learned from generational craftsmen to give you shoes that feel as they should: shoes ready to be worn. Just like the leather jacket that you’ll never let go of year after year, our shoes will age effortlessly to work with your changing style.

We’d like to introduce you to the craftsmen that we work so closely with to give you an insight into what’s involved to create your favourite shoes. First up, LAUREN.


Antonio Bento - Meet the Makers - Lauren

António Bento – Owner

António Bento is no typical factory owner. Each day, he visits every department to check on production, supplies or even sample development. Actually, he´s hardly ever in his office! You’re more likely to find him on the production line, seeing the designs take shape and helping to achieve the perfect finishing on a shoe.

Occasionally, António visits the sample department, putting his creativity into action by developing the finishing of a shoe. He can be found finishing the shoes himself, regarding himself a specialist in the field.

 A life-long passion for shoes…

António is a self-made businessman who never went to school to learn how to make shoes. With over 22 years in the industry, his experience and countless hours dedicated to the industry have taught him everything he needs to know.

Maciel-Morais - Meet the Makers - Lauren

Maciel Morias – Pattern Maker

As a third-generation shoemaker, Maciel left school at the age of 16 and began working in the footwear industry. After learning the basics Maciel’s passion for pattern making led him to formally study the craft.

Maciel now works in the sample department. He develops patterns and checks every step of the way to assure that the shoe sample is correctly assembled and that the final look matches the original design.

Pride in his craft…

If it were possible, Maciel would love to have every customer visit the factory to see how their shoes are made and the love put into each and every pair.



Susana-Sampaio - Meet the Makers - Lauren
Susana Sampaio – finishing and quality

Susana has worked in the shoe industry her entire career, and as a result has learned all facets of shoe making, but has found her passion in the Finishing & Quality department.

An eye for detail…

Each day Susana inspects thousands of pairs, she checks laces are properly tied in addition to the look of the leather and ensures all finishing is correct. Susana is the last person to see a pair of shoes before they are sent of to retailers for sale.

Susana’s eyes light up when she talks about her job. This mother of two strives daily to ensure every pair of shoes is in perfect condition because she knows her job is vital to making customers happy.

Susana is passionate about her work and believes her position helps to promote the craftsmanship of Portuguese shoes worldwide.


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